A wise friend of mine often says…

“The Gospel is always the answer.”

I found that surprising when I first heard it, maybe seven years ago. Since then, I’ve tried it out in many different contexts and found it rings true every time.

Whatever our current difficulty, hope comes from filling our lungs with air and diving deep into the wonder and richness of the gospel. There is always treasure and life to be found there.

Parenting three adopted kids with a variety of needs has plunged me into many deep dives. Once I’ve recovered from the initial shock of the cold water and the descent into darkness, I remember that I love it down there in the depths of the gospel seabed; it’s where I’ve come across the most beautiful treasure I’ve ever seen or known.

There’s still plenty more down there for me to explore. Thankfully, life continues to offer regular opportunities for another dive. So I guess this blog is an invitation to those who want to dig deep into the treasure of the gospel…